Here’s a unique concept for a hostel: take a shitload of old camper-caravans, deck each one out in a different kitschy theme, put them in a big, abandoned storage facility somewhere in Bonn, Germany, and rent them out for €22 to €74 a night. If this is a recipe for white trash disaster, I say preheat the oven because the BaseCamp Bonn looks like a pretty killer place to crash while backpacking through Deutschland. Check out some flicks of the counterfeit campground above.

It’s a concept dreamed up by hotelier Michael Schlosser, with caravans put together by television and film set designer Marion Seul. “Instead of regular rooms,” a representative there wrote to Complex, “the location offers 15 different vintage camping caravans, two railway sleeping coaches and four US Airstream trailers next to a few other oddities (like VW buses or a former GDR Trabant), providing a total of 120 beds.”

Beyond being somewhat impeccably designed, each caravan features a faux-front lawn, complete with lounge chairs, turning this into a social space as much as one of hospitality—you’re bound to encounter other travellers while chilling out on the astroturf.

Get more information at the hostel’s website (if you can read German).

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[via PSFK]

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