There are two types of people in this world: soccer hooligans and typography/design obsessives (I mean, there are more than just those two types of people in the world, but those are definitely two types of people). Finding the intersection of football fanatics and word nerds, award-winning designer Rick Banks recently published a book that examines the role of typography in the world’s most popular sport. Football Type is more than just a book about design, however. The hardcover volume explores the stories behind the styles.  

Here’s a snippet of the idea behind the work:

Why did naked Gerrie Mühren force Johan Cruyff to wear the legendary No.14 for the first time? Did you know Antoni Gaudi helped design Barcelona’s 2012 shirt numbers? How did a 1934 telegram mentioning “perfect knickers, slips and anklets” inspire Manchester City’s 2011 FA Cup glory? And which landmark motivated Real Madrid’s 2005 kit digits?

Banks is donating every single cent of the profits from the book to a British charity called Football Foundation, which seeks to improve sports facilities around the nation and provide better sporting opportunities for young people. The book comes in five different covers; but, since all the proceeds go to charity, you have a reason to pick up each and every one.

Check out some images from the work above and check here for more information.

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