College is supposed to be the best four years of your life. Nervous young freshmen emerge on university grounds with big dreams and expectations. Seniors bade teary farewells during graduation. From the day you move into your tiny dorm room to the day you walk away in a cap and gown, college seems like an extended vacation from the "real world."

Unfortunately, not all campuses were designed to reflect this optimistic view of college life. We looked at some truly horrible American college campuses to point out what universities are doing wrong. Some, like Rutgers' New Brunswick campus, were poorly planned, so students feel isolated and friendless. Others, like New York's Rochester Institute of Technology, are filled with architectural eyesores that make their campuses look more like institutions or prisons than havens of learning. Taking into account location, planning, decentralized campuses, and inappropriately mixed styles of architecture, we've created a list of The 50 Ugliest College Campuses in the US. Did your alma mater deserve to make the cut?

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