Paige Smith is a designer turned artist. Her art comes from the street, inspired by the cracks in the surface of downtown Los Angeles. She first drew attention with her unique three-dimensional "urban geode" installations and was approached to create an installation for The Box at The Standard, Hollywood. Since then, she's expanded to large-scale installations, galleries, and multimedia.

Each "geode" is puzzled together out of individual polyhedra that are made of hand folded, die-cut paper or roto-cast resin. The finished pieces seem to explode out of walls, frames, and cracks in the city. Each installation is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered as people go about their daily routine. Her work has a palpable sense of "magical realism" that says, "Take a look around, notice the small things. Find wonder and beauty in the mundane." 

Smith also is the Designer and Creative Director for the handbag line Vere Verto, which launched in July 2013. 

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