Do you have a shitty boss? Have you been passed up on that promotion an insulting amount of times? Is your salary the butt of your homies' jokes? Well today's the day you can change all (or most) of these terrible aspects of your career by applying to be the CFO or Vice President of a new clothing line "designed by creative genius and celebrity powerhouse, Kanye West."

We got word that, via LinkedIn, a headhunting company is looking for CFO candidates who are "a seasoned finance professional with experience in both a start-up environment and the retail industry." Or, if finance ain't your thing, you can apply for a Vice President of Production job, and "oversee all aspects of production, from pre-production to sourcing to production, building the function from square one."

To be honest, we're not sure if this is geniune or not. But hey, a job's a job, and this listing promises you'll work alongside a "creative genius and celebrity powerhouse." The two roles will help launch the project that will eventually "bring accessible style to malls and other outlets across America and around the world." While Ye and malls aren't totally compatible, we used to think the same thing of Been Trill.

If you're interested in taking a shot at these mysterious and probably fake posts, check them out here and here. Good luck, and if you want to ever tell the world what it's like to launch a fashion line with Kanye West, hit us up!