Street artist and designer INSA is known for his work that centers around women and high heels. He has ventured into relatively new territory recently with this collaboration with Alex Noble and EVISU. The art installation explores INSA's interest in women and fetishism and pushes it to the max, featuring a sadomasochistic mannequin suspended by gold chains and dressed in a custom denim catsuit created with the help of Noble (Lady Gaga's stylist) and flanked by portraits of models in similar suits.

In an interview for the South China Morning Post (SCMP), INSA said that he wanted to "exaggerate the fetishism of denim," adding that, "You're meant to lust more after the denim than the lady...It's also a reference to the traditions and detail of Japanese craft. Shibari isn't always necessarily a sexualised bondage, it's the art of rope tying. It's more about the process and the display." In addition to the mannequin, INSA art-directed and painted the EVISU Gallery space and will be working on a capsule collection for the brand next month.

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