CNN anchor Don Lemon is without a doubt one of the best-dressed men in media today.  From outerwear, suits, and all the way down to the small accessory details, the man has his fashion game on lock. And now his grooming has Twitter buzzing with jokes coming left and right. The Primetime host posted a picture of his new Lil Boosie-style high top fade complete with a part on the side, and within a couple hours he had his own hashtag.

A quick search under the #DonLemonLooksLike hashtag reveals endless amounts of comedy that will have a grown man in tears. To start it off here is a list of ether tweets that were said in 140 characters or less:

  • “#DonLemonLooksLike he knows exactly what flavor candy rain is.” @DeePhunk
  • “#DonLemonLooksLike he got the juice now.” @KiaJD
  • “#DonLemonLooksLike he wants to know why Sal has no brothers on the wall of his pizzeria.” @hellresidentNY
  • “#DonLemonLooksLike he never trusts a big butt and a smile”@blackalaureate

We can’t be mad at the fade, but man, he’s still in badly need of a shape-up. Come on #HarlemBarbers, you can do a better job than that. For more comedy, just head to Twitter and add your own input.

[via Bossip]