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At Pusha T's listening party, Kanye West went on a very Kanye-esque rant. After ripping "corporations" and "sellouts," he very passionately pledged his full support for Pusha. Ye then went on a miniature style and fashion-related rant towards the end of the above video. The full video is worth a look, but the clothing rant that is directed at perceived biters of Pusha's and Pyrex Vision's aesthetic begins at 2:05.

Also, an interesting aside that our brethren at Four Pins noted, Pusha recently walked in Mark McNairy's camo-heavy New York Fashion Week show. Earlier this year, McNairy blatantly riffed on Pyrex Vision and poked fun at the brand with a "Tupperware" shirt.

"For all the niggas trying to do their camo pritns at Magic, that's motherfuckin' Pusha T. All the niggas trying to extend their motherfuckin' T-shirts, trying to throw numbers on the backs of their shit, that's motherfuckin' Pusha T. "I have a T-shirt line, I got numbers on the back of my shit." Fuck you!"

[via Miss Info]

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