A pair of jeans can be the most comfortable, reliable, and best-looking piece of clothing in your closet. Which means that, when the time comes to buy a new pair of jeans, you want to make sure that you're copping the perfect pair that you will want to wear for several years to come. Since they can look good in the office and off-duty, good denim is a definite essential, and is well-worth the right investment.

The world of denim runs pretty deep, and the intricacies between each brand and the multitide of offerings can be intimidating. But that shouldn't stop you from adding an awesome pair of jeans to your rotation. With the right advice, the ideal pair can be yours, which will instantly up your game by several levels. When you've decided that copping a new pair of jeans is on the agenda, make sure you pay attention to these 10 Tips for Buying Denim.

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