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So Glenn Beck has a denim line. It's called 1791, a year that actually predates the invention of the blue jean (that was 1890—when Levi Strauss designated his denim "waist overalls" with the number 501) by about a hundred years. However, it is the year the Bill of Rights was ratified into the Constitution, so there's that.

In any case, last year Glenn Beck denounced Levi's on his blog for using revolutionary imagery to sell their products. 

“I am turning my red tabs in. I will not wear a pair of Levi’s,” he said.

Of course, his solution was to start his own denim line, made in the USA from Cone Mills Denim. Because no one on the planet has made jeans in the United States. Ever. Not even Levi's, who certainly don't have a Made in the USA collection.

Besides, Glenn Beck is all about the working man. The one who builds things with his hands—like rockets, at least that's what the ad for his jeans would have you believe. 

But seriously. US-made denim is not a new thing. And there are so many other, independent companies that have been doing it much better, with a deeper passion to craftsmanship, fit, and materials than Glenn Beck could ever muster. Instead of him, support these 10 American Made Denim Brands That Aren't Owned by Glenn Beck.

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[via Glenn Beck]