8. Donald Judd

Exhibitions: The opening of his art-house museum, 101 Spring Street

The late minimalist pioneer Donald Judd has been memorialized in a new way this year with the May opening of 101 Spring Street, his former home, as an art-house museum. After seven years of a $23 million restoration (spearheaded by Judd's children and the Judd Foundation), the space opened to to the public by appointment, revealing pieces from Judd's collection by Carl Andre, John Chamberlain, Dan Flavin, and Frank Stella. There are 16 permanent installations in the space total, showing visitors Judd's impact as an artist and a member of the art community in his lifetime. Additionally, 101 Spring Street is only the second art-house in New York, setting a new precedent for how to present work institutionally to remember iconic artists.

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