As the streetwear world turned a disinterested eye to Been Trill for collaborating with mall retailer PacSun, the design team of Virgil Abloh, Matthew Williams, and Heron Preston laughed all the way to the bank and continued to do the most limited shit on the side, too. Thus affirming their status amongst the scene's cool guys.

The latest limited release for the brand is a collaboration with Hood By Air and in connection with a party it's throwing in Shanghai on the July 25, which is sponsored by retailer and brand CLOT. The shirt, which stays close to other collaborations that Been Trill and Hood By Air have worked on before, is now available in a black and red color scheme.

Unfortunately, these shirts will only be an overseas exclusive with some tees popping at CLOT's Hong Kong store as well at the Shanghai party.

[via Virgil Abloh]