The '90s wasn't just an awesome decade for style, it was also one of the greatest eras of professional wrestling—WWE was known as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and had a chokehold on the hearts and minds of pretty much every dude. The entertainers had amazing outfits, and personalities to match. Looking back at superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dude Love, and Undertaker, it's no wonder that we tuned in every week, and also paid for the awesome pay-per-view events. These guys were nothing short of our generation's folk legends.

With our minds always on style, we couldn't help but notice similarities in today's menswear landscape and the way these guys dressed back then. And it just wasn't because we were having flashbacks of drinking Surge and powerbombing our best friends on trampolines. From the leather vests and masks to being draped in an American flag, perhaps some of today's rappers and designers took style cues from the body-slamming attire of these ring legends. Whether heel or face; heavyweight champ or under-appreciated star; their larger than life fashion sense rivals today's most stylish personae. Here's a look at How '90s WWE Superstars Predicted Today's Style Trends.

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