Wale has long been associated with style, specifically sneakers, his entire rap career. In between the boasts of owning exclusive Nikes, and being up things way before you, he's also discussed brands like A Bathing Ape and wearing raw denim. Now, the D.C.-representer and MMG member is getting his own opportunity to throw his hat in the design ring, literally.

The other day provided a preview of Wale's upcoming hat collection as the rapper posted images of his throwdown in the kitchen with supermodel Jourdan Dunn. Both the rapper and the model were wearing similar caps, and Wale left the caption: "Ps nice hat #wrkngtitle."

It's now official that his brand is entitled "WRKNG Title," and Wale gave an exclusive interview to Jay-Z's Life+Times on why he started the brand. “I saw something missing when I would shop for myself,” Wale said. "I had ideas about a certain design, fit, material."

Wale has always done things his own way, from his flow to putting out mixtapes. He even connected with 10.Deep for his Mixtape About Nothing, so it should be interesting to see how fruitful his career in streetwear is.

[via Life+Times]