Zack Ziegler is one brave dude. The editor of the site Modern Man courageously (foolishly?) underwent a Vine-documented process of discovering the answer to the question that has haunted hairy, curious men since we first converted from primal hunter-gatherers to an agrarian society and had the time to focus on our looks. That query, is, of course, which part of the body hurts the most to rip hair off of using hot wax?

With male grooming on the uptick for a few years now, sales of now-necessary products and tools have been soaring. There have also been a slew of brand new processes that our fathers would never have even considered, but are enjoying enormous success today such as smoothing out your balls with lasers and male waxing.

Ziegler tried out the male phenomenon, and as the amount of pain increased, the sadistic smile on his (we assume) all-knowing fiancée grew wider and wider. Don't worry, these are all SFW, and they might induce a physical reaction. Check out these Vines of Male Waxing That Will Make You Scream in Pain, and the top spot for painful waxing might surprise you.

[via Modern Man]