The subject of current 20-somethings has been a topic that's been divisively and hilariously talked about in various forms of media in the very recent past. Whether it's Girls lamenting the process of finding oneself, or pointing to the current state of the job market and what it takes to obtain gainful employment, both ourselves and our elders love to point out that we complain about how hard it is to be a 20-something

You know who isn't complaining? Those 20-somethings who are currently on top. A combination of low entry barriers and new means of gaining recognition and distribution (i.e. the Internet) have allowed a ton of young designers to proliferate, and a handful have even managed to find themselves on top of the fashion world. If you want to get inspired and/or feel shitty about your current position in life, click through The Best Designers In Their 20s.

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