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Isotopes v.2, by Nonotak Studio is a sick light installation that we are a fan of. It's basically a symbolic light maze. The moving lines are alluring, bringing visitors into the installation, however once a person enters the lines start moving more aggressively and it becomes hard to escape.

The project was inspired by the infamous radiation leak in Fukushima, Japan. In 2011, an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, which caused serious problems in Fukushima's nuclear power plant. Radiation levels went insane. To avoid crazy radiation "Total Recall" type crap, the people of the city were evacuated.

The installation represents this tragedy by highlighting misconceptions about nuclear power. People become in love with the hypnotic rhythm of the light project, similar to the way people sensationalize radiation. Then the installation moves faster, creating an almost palpable barrier that's hard to escape. The idea is that entering is simple but escaping is virtually impossible.

"This echoes the way humans approach nuclear power," the creators explain, according to My Modern Met. "First seduced, then addicted by its comfortable energy, humans have become trapped in an unstable situation. The rhythm of the lights and the sounds bring back the connection between the Japanese and their awareness of radioactive omnipresence. Sometimes you can forget it, like the glow of a night light, but sometimes the conscience gains the upper hand, and fear comes back with loss of ground reference. Through the metamorphoses of its appearance, this installation leaves the visitor between what once existed and what didn't, drawing them into the spectrum of their own volatile emotions."

[via MyModernMet]