Thanks to resources like eBay and Etsy, re-selling clothes has gotten much easier. It has given savvy individuals a way to earn a little extra cash on the side—but what if that extra cash could get you a sweet ride?

For the past 15 years, Matthew R. has made re-selling his full time job. He isn’t just a guy who sells marked-up Jordans and Supreme releases on an eBay streetwear store. He buys and sells second hand clothing, and he’s good at it.

He runs one of the best stores on eBay, and also started a consignment shop called Luxeswap that sells your standard menswear fair. Finally, after accumulating and saving a good amount of cash from selling thrifted clothes, he treated himself to a Ferrari.

There are others who have made nice amounts of cash on eBay. Ben Baller is a name that comes to mind, who at one point sold a pair of shoes on eBay for around $33k—yes, one pair. But it takes skill and a great eye to take other guys' junk and sell them for profit. “This car was born of things that nobody else wanted. Things that people discarded. I wanted to be able to say I thrifted a Ferrari. And I did,” Matthew R. says. How badly do you want to become a vintage dealer now?

[via Put This On]