This feature is a part of Lil BUB WeekUnfortunately, today is the last day!

If you've been wondering how you can make Lil BUB a bigger part of your life, here's your chance. Win a bundle of BUB merchandise that comes with a mug, a T-shirt of your choice, some stickers, and other surprises. This way, it's like you're always with BUB!

Here's how you can win: 

First, follow Complex Art on Twitter:

Then follow Lil BUB on Twitter:

THEN send us the following tweet to let us know you want the merch bundle:

"I want to win the @IAMLILBUB merch bundle! @complex_art"

One winner will get the merch bundle and we'll let you know on Monday, April 22 by 8pm EST if you won (via Direct Message on Twitter, so make sure you really follow us). To check out other products featuring the cute face of BUB, visit the BUB Store and contribute to her donations to various animal organizations. Good luck!

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