In today's required morning reading, Hiroki Nakamura walks Port Magazine through a few pieces from Visvim's AW13 collection and explains the processes necessary to create the clothing that has stylish dudes from Taipei to Toronto going nuts. Speaking to David Hellqvist, Nakamura explains why he forgoes modern manufacturing in order to see character and individuality in each Visvim garment, stating that "there’s an element you cannot predict – but I like that, it’s key to our product.”

Nakamura then walks through everything that went into two key items in the upcoming collection, including a piece that was "crocheted by an old Grandma called Simone.” We get to hear about the inspiration, the materials used, and the artisanal processes required for each piece. It's pretty fascinating stuff, and anyone that complains about Visvim's high price points should take a peek into the labor and material that goes into each meticulously created garment and is reflected in the price tag.

[via Port Magazine]