The allure of many Japanese brands is the mystery of their origins, the inaccessibility of the designer, or the sheer absurdity of the product. And the allure of Visvim is that it stands in opposition to all those things. Designer Hiroki Nakamura started making shoes in 2000 and soon expanded to a full line of footwear and apparel. Many of the brands on this list are strictly about the visual aesthetic or their performance, but none combine the two as perfectly as Visvim does.

Since Day One, Nakamura imposed strict quality control and ethical manufacturing practices at all levels of creation to ensure that the garment that reaches the customer is of the highest caliber. And the combination of American Western and streetwear is an aesthetic that stands on its own in originality and freshness. How dope are they? John Mayer went from certified douche to stylish guy just by draping himself in all Visvim.