Tres Bien invested heavily on slip-on sneaker stock this season, so much so they teamed with Diemme for an exclusive collection for you dudes too lazy to tie your shoelaces. Who knew Diemme made stoner sneakers? You probably did, but you also know all the Polo sub-labels, the real differences in thread count claims and that Venetian shoe cream isn’t what strippers in Venice call semen. I don’t know much, but I do know a comfortable slip on sneaker is pretty important as the weather gets warmer. At some point you will have to go to a pool/beach party and you don’t want be the guy wearing Red Wings. Jordans might work, but never Red Wings and NEVER boat shoes. Wear boat shoes to a casual pool party and you look like the guy who tells everyone that making 6 figures isn’t as cool or easy as it sounds, especially considering the tax burdens. Wear these to a pool party and you look like the guy that has actually been surfing before.