While some men rely on showing up Trinidad James to impress women, New York-area men are donning a different kind of bling to pull in the ladies. The "Rolex Romeos" are a new subculture of New York City men who flaunt high-end watches to boost their confidence with the opposite sex. Sporting a nice watch is nothing new. It helps complete a kit and make you feel "fully dressed." However, these Omega males feel that impressive timepieces are the hook, line, and sinker to accrue an attractive, younger woman.

Forget saying nice things or showing a genuine interest. 27-year-old Wall Street trader and self-proclaimed sugar daddy, Mike, tells the New York Post, "It sounds really shallow, but younger women really fall for all that stuff." His deal-sealing watch? A customized $12,000 Breitling.

Mike is not the only New York City male who shares this same logic. Robert Huang, a recently divorced 53-year-old doctor, says, "Women want to see a man as being successful and, along with upscale clothes and shoes, a good watch is an established symbol of success." Unfortunately ladies, Mr. Huang is only looking for “younger woman for companionship, not marriage.” So, if that's your type, look for the middle-aged man with an $80,000 diamond-studded Cartier watch posted-up at the bar. He uses the watch to boost his confidence on dates with women he has met online.

Mike has even admitted to hanging his Breitling out the window of his Lexus LS as he cruises the Jersey Shore. He bathes in the attention the women give him. “[The girls] will cheer and wave when they see my big watch,” Mike says. "It’s right out of a rap video!”

We can't guarantee that dropping a year's rent or salary on a watch will turn you into a fan-favorite with the ladies, but it seems to work for these guys. So, if you have a four-year college tuition's worth of money that's burning a hole in your pocket, hit up Jacob, Jared, or Ben Baller; we're sure they'll welcome your business.

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