Flowers, chocolates, dinner reservations at a nice restaurant: all things men do to impress women. But come on, that's too boring, we need to think next-level right now. Datta Phuge, a wealthy Indian man, looks to crush all of his competition and ball the fuck out in the process. The result: a shirt made of gold that set him back approximately $22,755 to "impress the ladies." Trinidad James may need to rethink his "All Gold Everything" statement, and make it an audio tribute to Mr. Phuge—the man who makes Mr. T's gold chains look feeble, a laughing stock of Slick Rick's well-known accessories, and the only dude who stunts on King Midas. And while there are easier ways to procure ladies such as Craigslist, a brothel, or simply saying "hi," we salute you Mr. Phuge and your apparent attempt to revive the gold standard. Check the video below to check Mr. Phuge in action. Warning ladies: you might fall in love.

[via Daily Mail]