Origin of the Name: "Play Cloths derived from reminiscing on my youth when it was a must to come home from grade school and change into your 'play clothes' before going outside to play... Doesn't sound like too hard of a task right? Considering me and my brother were latchkey kids, that task was left up to us. Nothing was worse than my parents coming home and seeing the 70+ dollar sneakers that we begged for, scuffed, creased, etc. Same went for the clothes that were on our backs, all because we couldn't take the time to change into our 'play clothes.' Needless to say, the spankings/beatings behind this defiance were torture.

The spelling of 'Play Cloths' is simply a matter of preference. The line 'Stop searching for the E's 'cause the O's is long...' is simply paying homage to our roots in the streets and the arrogance that comes along with it... Hence Play Cloths." - Pusha T

You heard it straight from Mr. Re-Up himself—he got his ass whooped just like we did for messing up our good clothes when we should've changed into our play clothes. But he turned his childhood misfortune into something we can all relate to—dope clothes for us to "play" in our own way in.