Tailored menswear has gotten a lot of attention lately, and with much reason. Trends change with time. People are growing into a more "sophisticated" look. The styles associated with menswear—slim chinos, blazers, button-downs, hardbottom shoes—have steadily grown in popularity, and plenty of guys have been trading in their graphic tees and hoodies for button downs and blazers. Even streetwear mainstays like Supreme have been crossing over—see recent collabs with Adam Kimmel and Thom Browne as proof. But if you're asking if that means streetwear has fallen off, then you must be crazy. In fact, every year it's growing and evolving.

There are so many things that make streetwear one of the greatest cultural phenomenons to grace this earth, including the plethora of iconic brands. Here's a reminder why streetwear is king. Take a look into the past, present, and the future with these 25 Reasons Streetwear Is Still Relevant.

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