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Many of the greatest streetwear brands started with little more than some design ideas and a desire to do something different. You don't go into the T-shirt making business to get rich (although if you're lucky you might), you do it because you have something you need the world to see, because you have a statement to make. And before a single tee or snapback or hoodie is seen, the name of the brand is what makes the most important impression.

Not that the actual name matters so much, but if a people are going to spend the money, wear the logo, and tout the brand as a favorite, it has to offer something in terms of a vision or attitude. Or it's just gotta sound cool. Either way, takes a lot of thought and consideration to get it right. Some get lucky and nail it, and every successful streetwear brand has a story behind its name. We dug deep, so check it out: Where Did Your Favorite Streetwear Brand Get Its Name?

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