What They're Buying: Flannel Shirt In Rusted Red Plaid, $80; Red Wing for J. Crew 6-inch Moc Toe Boot, $300

Behold the mountain man. No, he has not actually been to a mountain, but he can certainly tell you what the Google Street View of Pikes Peak looks like. And maybe he has never held an axe in his hands, nor has he ever successfully stoked a bonfire, but his Pinterest is full of both. For this idyllic urban lumberjack, life is an adventure, and getting from Bushwick to Flatiron is more than enough of a hike for him. He would totally buy all of his stuff from heritage companies like Baldwin Denim, Gitman Brothers, and Filson, but unfortunately his bank account is not as huge as his love for America. Thankfully, J. Crew is the type of place he can pick up a solid pair of jeans, hardy flannel shirt, and fresh pair of Red Wing boots in one fell swoop, while still being able to pay rent... and get groomed at Freeman's Sporting Club.