Ever since opening their doors in 1994, Supreme has become a cult brand with a strong presence in the world of style. With limited releases each season and collaborations with companies like Clarks, Vans, Thom Browne, and Comme des Garçons SHIRT, their goods are definitely made for skaters (see the capsule collection with INDEPENDENT Trucks) but with a sensibility that purveyors of fine art (decks by George Condo and Damien Hirst) and fashion can appreciate.

Whether or not they’ve “fallen off” as of late is debatable, but with co-signs from rappers like Nas, Tyler The Creator, and Drake, to appearances in editorials for fashion magazines, it’s pretty evident that the brand appeals to a much wider audience than the downtown skate rats it began with. So let’s make fun of them all. Here are The 10 Types Of People That Shop At Supreme

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