What It Is: A social network that shows you stuff you'll like, thanks to math.
Website: wantering.com

Taking platforms like Svpply and Pinterest and mixing them with the curation that blogs provide, Vancouver-based Wantering might have figured out a way to help you filter through the noise that comes in wading through content upon content, and help you find the things that you’ll actually like. It does this by pulling its content from hundreds of fashion blogs around the web — including a lot of menswear blogs.

We were surprised at the sort of things we were finding: Junya Watanabe blazers, Nike Lunarlon-soled sneakers, and Billionaire Boys Club military shirts. It works like this: after you like a certain amount of items, adding to their “wantitude,” there’s a behind-the-scenes algorithm that seeks out similar items, and over time the selections presented to you are even more tailored to your tastes. The result? You’re going to want to buy pretty much everything — and you can. No, Wantering doesn’t offer e-commerce, but it does link to plenty of outside sources that have the products shown readily available.