Trunk Club 

What It Is: A clothing service that styles you and sends you stuff to try on.
Website: Trunk Club

Would you rather barf in your dog’s mouth than ever set foot in a store? Sorry, that doesn’t give you an excuse to look like a slob. And sure, your girl might give decent advice on your outfits, but chances are, she’s no expert. For the dudes out there that aren’t dating stylists, there’s Trunk Club.

The Chicago-based business is headed by Bonobos co-founder Brian Spaly, so he knows a thing or two about what normal guys look for in clothes. After a short survey, you’ll have a “trunk” of clothes sent to you by your own personal stylist, try everything on at home, keep what you actually like, and send the rest back. This simple business model seems to be working, and also helps regular dudes feel more like a G, after all, they have a stylist working for them.

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