Free & Easy

Frequency: Monthly
Price: 980 yen (~$13)

The "popular kid" of Japanese men's style magazines, Free & Easy is probably the most recognizable name in the menswear blogosphere. Each issue revolves around a certain theme like denim or "Dad's Style" (another name for old-school American prepwear), and is followed by a series of excellently-styled editorials featuring a mix of traditional and modern brands like Engineered Garments, Barbour, and Ralph Lauren. Plenty of the models aren't even Japanese, which is probably why scans of the magazine almost always end up on tumblr streams days after an issue hits newsstands. Alongside the editorials you'll find a detailed view of products relating to the issue's theme, street style photos taken all around the world, features and profiles on the coolest clothing stores, and side-by-side comparisons of vintage Levi's jeans and Schott leather jackets to modern-day reproductions.

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