Forget personality, your face makes the first impression. Keeping your face youthful and appealing to the ladies takes more than just a washcloth every morning. Enlist in some of these great items to add to your a.m. ritual, or lack thereof.

Lotion: Designed just for the face, this lotion with SPF protection keeps your face refreshed, not suffocated.
Anthony Logistics Oil Free Facial Lotion, $27

Set up a kissing booth for the ladies because we've found the perfect lip balm. It won't need to be applied every five minutes, because it's filled with moisturisers and natural healing ingredients. And most importantly, it's not shiny.
Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, $3

Brushing your teeth is a task that has (hopefully) become a daily habit. But just in case you have garlic bread for lunch, it's nice to keep something at your desk or in your pocket for stinky situations.
Colgate Wisp Toothbrushes, $8