Last session, our in-house grooming specialist, Colonel Cator Sparks, gave us tips on taming the unibrow. In today's lesson, he teaches those of us with thinning hair how to make it look full again.

Ok, it’s not really "man weave," but it's close. Recently, I was reading a magazine where this man tried this ‘hair building fiber’ and bought it by the truckload because it was so great.


I’ve been losing my hair sice I was 18 and have been a Rogaine follower all the way. Still, Mr. Rogaine can’t keep the front of my scalp from receding and even the top isn’t as thick as I would like.

I ordered this Toppik situation to see what it was all about. It advertises that it builds your hair up with natural fibers. I have dark brown hair so I ordered a small bottle in that color.

As soon as I got it, I ripped it opened and sprinkled it on my head. WOW! Big change. The thinning part in my hair doesn’t look as bad. It looked pretty good on the very top and front of my head too, from what I could see.

I forgot about it and went on with my day. I ran around town, got kind of sweaty in my winter coat, and when I got home, I pulled off my jacket and looked in the mirror. YIKES, the fibers had melted down the side of my forehead. How totally embarrassing is that? It looked so obvious I was trying to hide my bald spot and all of Harlem saw me. I’m surprised nobody said something on the street.

Now I know, don’t ever try such a product on the front of your head. But using it on the top worked pretty well. I may recommend using Toppik if you have thin hair on top and want to add a little darkness. It looks natural just as long as you don’t have the ladies running their hands all over your head. It may not be something to use every day but maybe for the family reunion picture or special occasions.

Helpful Tips: A friend in the industry suggested that next time, I should order one shade lighter than my natural hair so it doesn’t make my hair look dark. And yes, this product works well for ethnic hair too. And if you use a lot of it, be sure to lightly spray some hairspray over your hair afterwards so it doesn’t blow away or shake out onto your shoulders.

Just remember—don’t try it on the front of the head!