John Galliano was enjoying a few drinks last night at a cafe in Paris until he got in a verbal altercation with a couple and got arrested. Police sources say Galliano, the head designer of luxury house Christian Dior, was insulting the couple with anti-Semitic remarks. Or calling them "Asian"? LOL WTF? Yikes! Do we have another Mel Gibson on the loose? Dior, part of the LVMH empire, has released a statement stating that Galliano has been suspended from all his duties because the house "affirms with the utmost conviction its policy of zero tolerance towards any anti-semitic or racist words or behaviour." Awaiting the results of the inquiry, Galliano is suspended indefinitely for his alleged racial slurs. This is pretty big news in the fashion world, considering Galliano's celebrity status as a designer. If you're not familiar, here are 5 things you need to know about John Galliano:

  • He was born in Gibraltar (a British territory off the north of Spain) and grew up in London.
  • He's known for his haute couture designs and wild personal style.
  • He appreciates hot supermodels and celebrities just like we do. He considers Kate Moss and Charlize Theron to be his muses.
  • The late Alexander McQueen was his successor at Givenchy (where Kanye's homie, Riccardo Tisci is currently head designer).
  • He says lots of crazy shit like, "Style is wearing an evening dress to McDonalds, wearing heels to play football. It is personality, confidence and seduction." Uhhh, sure dude.
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