Last night, Complex went to the preview of "George Condo: Mental States" at the New Museum, where we got a first look at the a salon-style exhibition that runs through a history of Condo characters from the mildly (The Insane Queen) to severely (The Butler) abstracted. In the main gallery, a wall of leering bronze busts faces a portrait collection, divided into tribes of "royal portraits", "melancolia", and a "manic society". This grouping makes for a show that is hostile, but also highly entertaining. The lower gallery is calmer, when the figures recede into less pictorial environments (Figures in a Garden). From the artist that bought Madame de Pompadour's commode, excess is expected, and enjoyed. We put up some of our own freestyle shots last night, but today we have official selections of the museum catalog. Click on the thumbnails above for official selects from "George Condo: Mental States".


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