In these digital years, a lot more of us consider ourselves designers than probably should. It's just too easy, you know? Open up the Photoshop, take the Kim Kardashian head, put it on the Tera Patrick body, and next thing you know: Voila! Five-thousand pageviews. A lot of us could use some guidance, though, especially when it comes to the letters on the pages of our various websites, sticker campaigns, and flyers. To help with this little problem, we hit up the design firm CHIPS-NY, our friends who helped out with The 50 Greatest Moments in Photoshop list. CHIPS created a hit list of all the fonts relevant to the Complex audience, putting together a go-to guidebook of the key font types so that next time you post your sneakers, you can use something other than Arial Black. 'Cause you know, we can all get a bit emotional over fonts.