These new Jeremy Scott adidas o by o's are sick. Marble pattern? Killing it. Man, the only teeny, weeny thing we wish were different is that these had the O.G. nestled wing. [Freshness Mag]

Nigel Cabourn 2010 Fall/Winter. Shrunken toggle coats, ombré cardigans, and patch pockets galore. [Hypebeast]

Awe. Some. New Jake Davis Test Shots: Andy Spade & Anthony Sperduti of Partners & Spade. Lush, textural, vivid, poignant, and as bittersweet as ever. Seriously, Jake's scoring slays us. [Jake Davis]

For anyone who hasn't seen these yet, the RZA's Nike 6.0 commercials are kinetic, sensory-overload bombs. [Kanye Univercity]

Relative newcomer Frost Birgins shows Spring/Summer 2011 on its site. Rag-and-roll carrot-leg pants, beautifully cut shorts, and cardigans + shirts + a whole steez that Van Gogh would rock the crap outta. [SlamxHype]

Whoa. Interesting. Brooks Brothers have teamed up with Levi's for: Levi's Jeans, Made in the USA for Brooks Brothers. No more dad jeans! [Brooks Brothers]