Tokio 7 NYC

STORE: Tokio 7

CITY: New York


FOUNDED BY: Makoto Watanabe 

BRANDS CARRIED: Marc Jacobs, Robert Geller, Vivienne Westwood, Diesel, Dior, Chanel, Burberry, Phillip Lim, Thakoon, Alexander Wang, Rick Owens, Paul Smith, Yohji Yamamoto, Y3, Carol Christian Poell, Maison Martin Margiela, and many, many more.

WHY WE CO-SIGN: The initial draw of high-end consignment stores is obvious: superb design, brand names, and impeccable craftmanship at affordable prices. Tokio 7, however, offers a lot more than wallet-friendly price tags. Being that the city—more specifically, the East Village—is a melting pot of fashion plates and mavens from around the globe, the spot offers unique selections that can't be matched by Madison Avenue boutiques. Add to the mix a number of fashion industry consigners (we won't mention names) that are regulars, and the question becomes, why wouldn't you shop here?

Keep reading for an interview with Tokio 7 employees Take Phillip and Yoko Tashiro as well as pics of the store...

Tokio 7 NYC

Complex: You recently moved to this new space. How are you liking it?
Take: I think it's a beautiful, and people really like it. It's bigger, it's cleaner...

Complex: That's great, but you must miss something about the old location.
Take: Not really. We just need to get used to the spacing. Everything has been switched up. For example, these files used to be on the other side, but now they are here. But overall, it's a good thing.

Tokio 7 NYC

Complex: Was the moving process painful?

Take: It took a long time. We had a lot of stuff. Some people don't come to pick up stuff that they had put on consignment (after the expiration date), and that can pile up.

Complex: Good thing you guys decided to stay in the East Village. There must be something about this area you guys like?
Take: Well, for this kind of a business, it's hard to move far. Because people remember the area that we were at, and it'll be a big risk if we were to move to a different neighborhood. And we prefer downtown over other areas.

Tokio 7 NYC

Complex: On that note, can you recommend some spots in the neighborhood that you frequent?
Take: I don't really hang out around here, but there is a good coffee shop right across the street (Abraço). I also like Atlas Cafe on Second Avenue. They have fresh juices and healthy sandwiches. Also, I like the little Polish and Ukrainian delis. There are a few Japanese bars and restaurants that I also like.

Yoko: There is a placed called Kyo Ya on 7th street and First Avenue that's really good. Excellent Japanese food, but it's a bit pricey.

Complex: Sounds good. Let's move on to how the day-to-day things work at Tokio 7. What do you look for when consigners bring in their clothes?

Take: We look for designer pieces that are current and in season. We have regular consigners that know exactly what we're looking for, but some of the newer ones... There are times when we don't take anything from them.

Tokio 7 NYC

Complex: That's kind of sad, huh? Do you have certain designers whose clothes are always welcome here?

Take: Yes. DVF, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Burberry, Phillip Lim, Thakoon, Alexander Wang—he actually stops by sometimes. He was here on Saturday. Rick Owens also is good for guys.

Yoko: Carol Christian Poell and Margiela.

Complex: Anything new that someone brought in that stood out for you?
Take: I really don't pay attentions. [laughs]

Yoko: There were some nice pants from Rick Owens someone brought in.

Take: Oh, there is a Vivienne Westwood shirt that we got over the weekend. It uses a really special, see-through kind of fabric, and it has a really unique cut.

Tokio 7 NYC

Complex: See-through x good cut seems like the winning combo for us. Moving on, who are some of your favorite menswear designers?

Yoko: I like Robert Geller because his stuff is very well made. He used to be a designer for Cloak, and he still uses some of the designs from there.

Take: I really like Rick Owens because his designs are fun. Everything is really conservative now, and he still has that playing-around aesthetic that I like.

Complex: That's interesting. Speaking of which, what are some current trends in menswear?
Take: I just saw some plaid shirts made of washed-out fabric today. I guess those are easy to wear every day and cool. Also, menswear has gone more fitted in the last few years, but I don't know what's gonna happen this year.

Tokio 7 NYC

Complex: On the flipside, then, what trends are dying?

Take: A lot of trends are dying. [Laughs]. Jeans with big stitches are dying. You know, the ones that were on back pockets that allowed people to identify who made them... Or dead already, maybe. Definitely gone.

Yoko: Wide ties and pleated pants.

Complex: Those are good ones. Lastly, some favorites in stock right now?

Take: I have to do a walk around. Everything we have in stock is good. [Laughs].

Tokio 7
83 East 7th Street
aka "the 7th street tumor"
New York, NY 10003

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