Germany has created the Germanest-looking fembot ever. Her name is AILA and has a stern Teutonic haircut that makes her look like a real German girl. She likes Brahms, schnitzel, and lining up for long periods of time in an orderly fashion. [Crunch Gear]

Madrid-based La Mas Bella's latest issue is another envelope pusher. [It's Nice That]

Check out FUCT's Spring/Summer 2010 tees. Yet another memorable collection from Erik Brunetti... [High Snobiety]

Marchon produces a line of eyewear for Nike consisting of two models that feature vintage design and multi-layered acetate construction. [Mash Kulture]

These Lucinda Bunnen photographs at the Museum of Contemporary Arts Georgia are absolutely incredible. Haunting and richly Southern. [CuratedMag]

Remember when you copped the deluxe edition Iron Man DVD and you watched all the bonus features, especially the one that talks about the color schematics behind Tony Stark's HUD and the intuitive interface considerations they had to make as the suit evolved along with Stark's own personal growth and actualization and how freakin' cool that was? Now you can experience the augmented reality through this website as a promotional feature and IT RULES. [Iron Man 2, UK]