Thom Browne collaborates with Supreme on an oxford shirt, which will be available in three different colors March 25. Everybody dance. [High Snobiety]

The latest issue of Vogue Hommes Japan features an editorial on Raf Simons, which takes a look at the past and present of the Belgian designer's works. A selection of image can be seen here...[Slamxhype]

To file under "too pragmatic to be good and yet..." Here are some images of a peel-and-stick pockets that you can affix to pouchless clothing. Unsightly but man, kinda a great idea. [Gizmodo]

and GOMMI ARCADE invite the world to the opening-night launch party for their much anticipated collaboration piece, Future Shock Zub Zot watch. [Marcus Troy]

Remote Control x Bottle Opener = Game Changer. [Gizmodo]

If stalking outrageously louche and gorgeous international hotels is your thing, you must visit Kiwi Collection. Their galleries are mindboggling. Also, WTF Hotel of Modern Art in China? You look insane! [Kiwi Collection]

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