Public School's 2010 spring collection is online for purchase and everything you'd expect from the finely tailored menswear brand. [Public School NYC]

Feeling super confused about why Pentax would want your camera to look like a beanie baby. [crunchgear]

Girl releases seven new skateboard decks (one for each of pro rider) all featuring different "Emoji", which are supposedly cuter versions of emoticons (who knew such a thing existed?). [Mash Kulture]

Football hooligans and their fan tattoos. Shot by photographer Neil Bedford. Warning: many pale, fleshy arms and calfs. [Curated Mag]

Colette celebrates its 13th anniversary, and they're inviting people to show up at their storefront tomorrow (Paris time) for a surprise! [Colette]

Other Criteria, Damien Hirst's publishing and merchandising company, just dropped some keychains that were inspired by the artist's New Religion series. [Slamxhype]