Stephen A. Smith finally delivered his response to Kwame Brown on Thursday.

Earlier today, Smith teased that he would be responding to Brown’s remarks on his ESPN+ show, Stephen A’s World

Smith opted against getting personal or issuing any physical threats towards Brown. Instead, he chose to keep his criticisms strictly about basketball. “I don’t have a single negative thing to say about Kwame Brown, the person. Nothing personal,” the ESPN personality said on Stephen A’s World, per Bleacher Report. “The only negative thing anybody said about Kwame Brown is that he couldn’t play a lick of basketball. News flash: That wasn’t a lie.”

Aside from saying he “couldn’t play a lick of basketball,” Smith supported his argument by showing a brief compilation of his NBA bloopers. “I’ve got 15 minutes [worth of clips], I only showed you one,” he added.  

Last week, Brown proposed that he and Smith meet in Seattle to physically settle their differences. 

Brown’s issue with Stephen A. stems from his remarks made over a decade ago where he thoroughly lambasted his ability as a basketball player. The most famous moment came in 2008 after Brown was included in a deal that led to the Lakers landing Pau Gasol. Smith called Kwame a “bonafide scrub” who “can’t play.” 

At 53, Smith has too much going on in his professional life to entertain the idea of fighting the 39-year-old Brown, but he doesn’t appear to be backing down from his stance that the former NBA journeyman can’t play basketball either.