Shaquille O'Neal came under fire for his recent criticism of NBA stars like James Harden and Donovan Mitchell, and we knew it wouldn't be long before Diesel responded to the backlash.

In a Wednesday Instagram post, Shaq suggested that it was perfectly fine for him to criticize current players. "This is what greatness at the guard position looks like," he wrote alongside a series of photos that included him with former teammates like Penny Hardaway, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James among others. "I played with the best ever to do it. You know I know what best look like. #donthavetohate. Y'all kno I got G14 classification to say what I say."

In a comment in an Instagram post shared by NBA stats page WinShares, Shaq continued to defend himself. "I'm to great to hate listen to what I say don't be sensitive u betta google me," he said. "I kno what greatness is. Ain't nobody playing done what I've done besides LeBron and Steph Curry. I have G14 classification to say what I say. I played against and with the best ever. So shut your fave up WINSHARES. Me hate that's funny. You betta google me."

Shaq gave a particularly harsh assessment of Harden following his departure from the Houston Rockets, suggesting that his move to the Nets could backfire. "When you say you gave the city your all, that ain't true," Shaq said. "He got his superteam. He has to win this year. If he doesn’t win this year it’s a bust." He also suggested to Mitchell on live television that he couldn't take his game to the next level, to which Mitchell replied, "Aight."