The NBA released a statement Thursday announcing LeBron James has cleared the league’s Health & Safety Protocols, and can play tomorrow against the Los Angeles Clippers. 

James, who is vaccinated, was placed in Health & Safety Protocols ahead of Tuesday’s game against the Sacramento Kings. While the Lakers wouldn’t disclose whether LeBron was a close contact or had tested positive for Covid-19, reports suggested that the team was prepared for him to miss “several games,” which led to the assumption that it was the latter. 

“In accordance with the Protocols, and the consistent testing practice that has been in place since the 2019-20 Season Restart in Orlando, the sample that produced the initial positive test was re-run twice and returned one negative and one positive result on two different PCR instruments,” the league stated. “As a result, James underwent additional testing on November 30, with one test returning a negative result and a second test resulting in a clinically inconclusive result.” 

According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, the Lakers star has been tested eight times since Saturday, all of which have come back negative. This development could explain the cryptic tweet he posted yesterday. 

With James cleared to return to action, fans are having fun with news of his false positive test.