UPDATED 11/23, 8: 11 p.m. ET: Draymond Green weighed in on Durant’s dry skin, calling his former Warriors teammate’s ashy legs “scales.”

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Kevin Durant is still very good at Twitter.

The Brooklyn Nets power forward became a target Monday night, when some social media trolls pointed out a photo showing dry skin on his ankle.

After the photo—which was originally posted by the SLAM Kicks Twitter account—went viral, people pounced on the unflattering shot. Even Isaiah Thomas chimed in on Durant’s ashy leg.“No way KD can be that Ashy!!!!!!!! No way lol. OMG,” the former Celtics star tweeted. 

“Bro KD…PLEASE put some lotion on yo legs dawg @KDTrey5,” someone else wrote alongside a meme of Stephen A. Smith visibly gasping.

Anyone who’s followed Durant’s career over the years knows he’s almost as adept on Twitter as he is on the basketball court. So it was only a matter of time before he caught wind of the online uproar surrounding his dry skin and fired back. 

“I’m bouta pull my ‘y’all broke’ card in a second,” he wrote. “Fuck y’all.”

Even off the court, KD just doesn’t miss.