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We now have more details about Colt Brennan’s untimely death.

According to TMZ, health officials concluded the former NFL quarterback died of an accidental overdose back in May, when he consumed a lethal concoction of powerful stimulants and opioids. A toxicology screening and autopsy report revealed Brennan had methamphetamine, amphetamine, ethanol, and fentanyl in his system on the day of his death. It remains unclear if any of the drugs were prescribed to him.

Fans suspected Brennan had died of an overdose after his father, Terry Brennan, told ESPN his son had taken a fentanyl-laced pill shortly before he lost consciousness. Terry also claimed his son had tried to enter a detox program shortly before he died a southern Californian hospital, but was ultimately turned away due to a lack of beds.

“He was really into it,” Terry said about the treatment program. “It involved a lot of physical activity and he liked it. He was working with soldiers who had come back from Afghanistan and Iraq with similar problems. He was doing quite well with it for four months. Then something happened and he went to the dark side, and it was just not good.”

Brennan died on May 10, 2021, at age 37. After making a name for himself with the University of Hawaii football team, Brennan inked a four-year deal with Washington. He left the team in 2010 and signed with the Oakland Raiders, but was cut less than a month later.