Just three days after New York Giants rookie Kadarius Toney was ejected from Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys for throwing a punch in the fourth quarter, it looks like another altercation took place on the field after the game.

The New York Daily News reports that Cowboys safety Jayron Kearse punched Giants tight end Evan Engram in the face following Dallas’ Week 5 win.

“I was pushing him around the whole game, so he was probably just mad about that,” Engram told NYDN on Wednesday. “It’s whatever.” 

According to Engram, he and Kearse began jawing with one another after the clock hit zeroes. 

“I walked up on him. He walked up on me kinda, saying some stuff. He threw the punch,” Engram said. “We had some guys there that separated us, so it was kind of boom, boom.”

Engram told the newspaper that he didn’t retaliate because Kearse threw a “little baby punch.” 

“There’s this thing the NFL does, they send out letters and they forcefully take money from you for acting up,” Engram said. “So I don’t need any of that. It was a little baby punch anyway. It was soft. So I definitely want to keep my money in my pocket. I’m good.”

The alleged altercation followed another one that took place in the fourth quarter, when Giants rookie Kadarius Toney was ejected for landing a punch on Dallas safety Damontae Kazee.

Toney took to Twitter on Monday to issue an apology for his behavior at AT&T Stadium. 

“Wanna take the time out to apologize to the entire organization – owners, my Teammates and the entire Big Blue,” he wrote. “Your emotions just can get the best of you sometimes. No excuses, just actions. Thank y’all.”