The Most Shocking Free Agent Signings in NBA History

The NBA free agency period has become almost as intriguing and entertaining as the season itself. These are the signings that left basketball fans floored.

Kevin Durant something.
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Kevin Durant something.

The NBA free agency period has become almost as intriguing and entertaining as the season itself.  From the drama of petty actions like locking a player in a room, the emoji-filled subtweets on Twitter, or NBA front offices offering TV shows in their pitch, the wooing of free agents and the frenzy of crazy signings never ceases to amaze. 

Since its debut in 1988, the free agency period has had many surprising moves that shook the NBA. Whether it’s superstars joining forces to form a “superteam” or players receiving absurd contracts, we’ve have all had a moment of shock when staring at the breaking news.

The most shocking moves have come in recent years. Who can forget last year’s fourth of July when Kevin Durant took his talents to the Bay Area? Speaking of taking talents elsewhere, what about the player who laid the foundation for superteams, LeBron James, signing with the Miami Heat to join Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in 2010?

What about the great duos free agency has stripped away from NBA fans like Shaq and Penny, Westbrook and Durant, Dirk and Nash? Free agency moves could result in NBA championships like they did for the Warriors and Heat but they also can lead to unwanted contracts the New York Knicks are quite familiar with. With all that being said, here are the most shocking free agency signings in NBA history.

Kevin Durant—2016

durant and curry

DeAndre Jordan—2015

DeAndre Jordan Clippers Free Throw Line 2016

Previous Team: Los Angeles Clippers

New Team: Los Angeles Clippers

Contract:  4 years, $87.6 million

Shock Value: 6

This was weird. I don’t think there’s a better word to describe it. DeAndre Jordan was unofficially Dallas bound with a four-year, $80 million deal in place. Just when you started to project what the Mavs would like with a DeAndre-Dirk frontcourt, madness broke out. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Doc Rivers, Steve Ballmer, and others locked DeAndre in his home in Houston until he and the Clippers could agree on a deal. They eventually did agree and Mark Cuban lost out on a free agent piece due to his inability to find DeAndre’s home and ram through the door in time. 

LeBron James—2015

lebron james yelling

LeBron James & Chris Bosh—2010

James Bosh Miami Heat 2010 Getty

Rashard Lewis—2007

Rashard Lewis Magic 2007 Getty

Jerome James—2005

Jerome James Knicks 2005 Getty

Carlos Boozer—2004

Carlos Boozer Utah Getty 2004

Steve Nash—2004

Steve Nash Suns Getty 2004

Michael Jordan—2001

Michael Jordan 2001 Wizards Getty

Shaquille O'Neal—1996

Shaquille O'Neal Lakers Jerry West 1996 Getty

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