Some big NBA news was made on Wednesday when the Los Angeles Clippers agreed to send Chris Paul to the Rockets via a trade. While that may not seem to involve DeAndre Jordan, you may remember a few years ago when Jordan had his own offseason drama by agreeing (in principle) to join the Dallas Mavericks before agreeing (in writing) to return to the Clippers.

At the time it was reported that a contingent of Clippers were basically kidnapping Jordan until he signed with the team, which makes Wednesday's Paul trade (in addition to Griffin saying that he'd test the free agent waters) look like Jordan is going to be the last star stuck in a Clippers uniform. If you're saying, "What could Paul do? He was traded," know that it was reported that the ex-LA point guard was expected to join Houston next year anyway, and that this was his way of leaving the team with something in exchange for him because he opted-in to facilitate the transaction:

Not surprisingly, Twitter noticed:

Even Chandler Parsons got a dig in (remember this?):

Just two more years on the contract.